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Conair Coiler Delivers High-Speed, Tensionless Productivity

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The Conair Group, Cranberry Twp., PA, has developed a dual-spindle automatic cut-and-transfer coiler.

The new dual-spindle automatic cut-and-transfer coiler from The Conair Group, Cranberry Twp., PA, is ideal for high-speed winding of small, flexible extrusions.

Nominal line speeds range as high as 800fpm, depending on size of the extrusion being coiled. Even at these high speeds, little or no friction or winding tension is generated, preventing deformities in delicate products. The unit is ideal for extrusions such as medical tubing, small tube and small flexible profiles. Fully automated transfer of winding to a new reel means there is no operator involvement or process disruption, which effectively increases line speed and performance during changeover.

For more information, visit www.conairgroup.com.