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Conair Blenders Gather Material-Use Data

Plastics Business

Conair has harnessed the power of Microsoft® SQL Server® to help plastics processors track how much resin, regrind, color and additives are being used.

Conair gravimetric blender products have always had extensive data-gathering capabilities. Now there is an easy, automatic way to store it in a central database and generate a variety of company-wide reports, including

  • Shift Inventory Report (each ingredient consumed by shift)
  • Total inventory Report (each ingredient consumed)
  • Recipe Report (total amount of material usage for ingredients consumed by recipe)
  • Resin Report (total amount of material usage for each resin name)
  • Job/Order Report (total amount of material usage by order name)
  • Product Line Report (total amount of material usage by named product line)
  • Alarm log report (list of historical alarms)
  • Batch Log Report (Log of every batch made, batch blenders only)

Each TrueBlend SB2 touch-panel control (Version 1.08.0 and newer) has the ability to communicate directly with a computer hard drive using SQL Server software and a standard Ethernet TCP network.

Those wanting to take advantage of the reporting capabilities built into Conair blenders can receive a passcode to unlock the data-export port on each blender. An installation guide leads the user through the installation of SQL Server software, if it is not already installed within the organization.

For more information, visit www.conairgroup.com.