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Polymer Conversions Opens New Division

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SILIKON Technologies, LLC, Hamburg, NY, is a division of Polymer Conversions, Inc.

SILIKON Technologies, LLC, Hamburg, NY, a new division of Polymer Conversions, Inc., opened Oct. 1 and offers precision silicone injection molding services focused on the tight tolerance components required by high-tech OEMs and start-ups in the healthcare, aerospace and electronics industries.

It utilizes the latest advances in processing, equipment and automation to deliver the high quality and precision capabilities customers require. SILIKON also has an ISO 13485 quality management system, strict process controls and full commitment to advanced manufacturing methods. Patrick Meheran, director of operations, and Ryan Case, sales, staff the new facility.

For more inforamtion, call 716.972.2972 or visit www.silikontechnologies.com.