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Paulson Releases New Thermoforming Training Course

Plastics Business

Paulson Training Programs, Chester, Connecticut, recently released the industry's only comprehensive interactive CD and online thermoforming training program. Thin Sheet Thermoforming is a six-lesson training program, available in CD and online formats.

It is designed specifically for the training needs of the thin sheet thermoforming manufacturer. Paulson previewed an early demo of the course in Orlando, Florida, at NPE. This in-depth training course covers all aspects of the thin sheet thermoforming process.

Employees will learn the function of each component of the thermoforming line, plastic behavior during the thermoforming process, sheet extrusion fundamentals, optimizing operating controls, safety around the thermoforming machinery and thermoforming for maximum efficiency and profit.

For more information, visit www.paulsontraining.com.