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Demand for K 2016 Exhibit Space Strong

Plastics Business

With just a few weeks before the May 31 registration deadline, K 2016 is experiencing strong demand for exhibit space. All 19 halls again will be fully booked and some 3,000 exhibitors will offer a complete overview of the plastics and rubber world market. Companies from all continents have already registered to present their innovations Oct. 19-26, 2016, at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The exhibits at K 2016 will be complemented by a special show illustrating the possible uses of plastics and their diversified properties today as well as in the future. This special show will be organized by the German plastics industry under the auspices of PlasticsEurope Deutschland and Messe Düsseldorf. An ancillary program will be the Science Campus - the forum for research and teaching. In this special zone, institutes, universities and other higher education institutions will present their latest scientific findings in the field of plastics and rubber and help to strengthen the dialogue between research and industry.

For more information, visit www.k-online.com.