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Chem-Trend Develops New Purging Compounds

Plastics Business

Chem-Trend, Howell, MI, has developed two new purging compounds for plastic bottle cap and closure manufacturers. LusinŽ Clean 1060 eliminates scrap resulting from material and color changes, while Lusin Clean 1061 prevents black spot formation.

Lusin Clean 1060 removes residue from injection molding machines and reduces the time required to clean machine parts. A complementary product, Lusin Clean 1061 is designed for machine cleaning prior to scheduled downtime to ensure a scrap-free startup. It is specifically formulated to remove resins left on machine parts that lead to black spot contamination. Both are compliant with European Plastics Regulation 10/2011 and Food and Drug Administration regulations for food-contact applications.

For more information, call 517.545.7980 or visit www.chemtrend.com.