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Growth Drives Expansion and Hiring at Chase Plastics

Plastics Business

Chase Plastics, Clarkston, MI, grew its total revenue to $217 million in 2014, a nine percent year-over-year increase, and is on pace to exceed $260 million by 2016.

This growth is fueled in part by the company’s continued expansion in Canada, where Chase Plastics increased year-over-year revenue by 21 percent and its total customer base by more than 18 percent. Since January 2013, Chase has hired four technically skilled sales professionals to serve processors across the United States and Mexico and has bolstered its administrative support team with the addition of six new hires. It currently employs 100 plastics professionals, serves more than 2,700 customers and is trending to exceed its goal of doubling total revenue between 2013 and 2020.

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