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MAPP Board Member Profile: Roger Williams


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Editor's note: MAPP’s Board of Directors encourages plastics processors to utilize the knowledge contained within the MAPP network. To familiarize readers with the Board, members will be profiled by Plastics Business ENews.


Roger Williams can be reached at 800.457.8997 or rogerwilliams@royercorp.com.

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Roger Williams, president
Royer Corporation, Madison, Indiana

MAPP Member Since: 2003

# of Employees: 82

# of Presses: 16 injection molding presses

Industries served: Bakery, hospitality, restaurant


How did plastics become your career?

I have been an entrepreneur all of my life and was running an electrical contracting company in another state when I got involved with Royer Corporation. Royer was a family business – my brother-in-law, Guy Kitchens, founded the company and I joined the board of directors for Royer in 1989, but had little to do with the operation of the business until 1999. Guy convinced me to move to Indiana to become more involved and, when Kitchens passed away in 2000, I became president.

Describe your company.

We’re a custom injection molding company, with emphasis on decorating. Annually, the company molds and decorates approximately 300 million parts, primarily beverage stirrers, food picks, meat markers, name badges and plastics disposables for the cosmetic, food and bakery industries. Decorating is our real value-add, with hot stamping presses, screen printer equipment, pad printers and digital printers.

In what areas are you willing to share your experiences with MAPP Member companies?

We do a tremendous amount of hot stamping, foil stamping and now a lot of direct print. I would be willing to share information that we’ve learned through the years – the challenges when getting into it, the processes, the things to watch out for – especially with direct printing. With newer technology, there are always some unknowns and, even though the manufacturer lays out a specific parameter or guideline, the actuality is always different. We have about 18 months of experience, and there are some things you really need to be aware of before you enter into that type of printing.