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MAPP Board Member Profile: Matt Hlavin


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Editor's note: MAPP’s Board of Directors encourages plastics processors to utilize the knowledge contained within the MAPP network. To familiarize readers with the Board, members will be profiled by Plastics Business ENews.


Matt Hlavin can be reached at 866.933.8850 or mhlavin@thogus.com.

Current Board Members

Former Board Members

Matt Hlavin, president
Thogus, Avon Lake, Ohio

MAPP Member Since: 2004

# of Employees: 110

# of Presses: 30

Industries served: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Irrigation, Plumbing, Lawn and Garden, Electronics, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Industrial, Consumer Goods, Packaging, HVAC and Military/Defense


How did plastics become your career?

This company is in my blood. My grandfather started Thogus, and he was my hero.

Describe your company.

Thogus is a 62-year-old start-up company. Our goal is to provide our clients with best-in-class innovation, engineering and production support by understanding their current and unmet needs. We are a bolt-on to their business, focusing on creating total cost solutions with advanced engineering and engineered materials.

Our culture defines us. Thogus focuses on providing a family approach to our employees, whereby we value the balance between work and home life. We also work very diligently with the college communities to develop young professionals through co-ops and internships that will educate the young adults in manufacturing and show them that this is the industry and place to work.

In what areas are you willing to share your experiences with MAPP Member companies?

Thogus is a plastics processor that is truly different. I would be willing to talk to other processors about culture building, co-ops and internship programs, automation technology, rapid prototyping and product development.