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MAPP Board Member Profile: Laurie Harbour


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Editor's note: MAPP’s Board of Directors encourages plastics processors to utilize the knowledge contained within the MAPP network. To familiarize readers with the Board, members will be profiled by Plastics Business ENews.


Laurie Harbour can be reached at 248.629.9331 or lharbour@harbourresults.com.

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Laurie Harbour
Harbour Results, Inc., Royal Oak, Michigan

MAPP Sponsor/Member Since: 2006

Industries served: Small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies, specialized in plastics, tooling, machining, assembly and stamping


How did you become involved with the MAPP organization?

I met Troy Nix, MAPP Executive Director, in 2005. He called me because of an article I wrote and asked me to speak at the MAPP Conference. I was captivated by his personality and what he had built. His commitment, vision and focus on helping small- to medium-sized manufacturers were infectious. I wanted to be more involved.

Describe your company.

Harbour provides strategic and operational consulting. We’re helping companies optimize their business today while planning for the future. That includes operational improvement, systems development and defining strategy, while remaining profitable. We’re guiding them, pointing them in the right direction, coaching, executing with them – we’re helping them set the strategy and then execute that strategy, all in the name of improving profitability.

In what areas are you willing to share your experiences with MAPP Member companies?

It’s about operational efficiency, managing supply and demand. Right now, people are buried as business is developing rapidly. Every company we go into is buried by selling, quoting, keeping customers happy and ultimately trying to execute that work. We can take that demand request and optimize supplying it so the company ends up in the most profitable situation. People are choking in this world right now.

Processors are overbuilding in anticipation of demand that may or may not come. Profitability is not the same as it was pre-recession, so MAPP members can’t absorb the costs. We’re on this kick right now about needing to step back. Matching supply to demand is critical.